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Michael Wesch's Powerful Knowledge Keynotes Reveals Important Lessons

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: youtube
Michael Wesch begins his powerful knowledge keynote by stating, "We cannot live the next 100 years, as we lived the last 100."

The university professor then discussed his worry of the current state of education for students. The only questions students ask these days are "What do we need to know for this test?" and "How long does the paper need to be?" Critical thinking and inquisitive learning no longer exist in classrooms, leaving students unequipped for the real world and its very real problems.

As Wesch puts it, peopple are still knowledgeable, but they are not knowledge-able, meaning they aren't able to use their knowledge to critically evaluate problems and interact with other people.

Classrooms are no longer engaging students or pushing them to think for themselves. In a world where we are so connected technologically, we need to be able to make better use of these channels to make a positive and meaningful impact.

Michael Wesch's powerful knowledge keynote raises some very important points and offers inspiration towards the end.