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Anil Dash Expands Our Connections in This Power of Networks Keynote

 - Jul 3, 2012
References: dashes & vimeo
Anil Dash discusses the transformative nature in this Power of Networks Keynote. The co-founder of Activate and director of Expert Labs Anil Dash provides us how one person can amplify a message. A network has the power to do transformative things and ordinary people can be spark this. Even before the Internet, Dash provides the example of the American interstate highway system created by the government. When we make networks that are more inclusive there is the opportunity for people to do unexpected and great things.

Finally, another example Dash uses is the hip-hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA, who formed a network that were not always on stage in unison but collaborated. And, what OFWGKTA was used new tools and capabilities, through Twitter and Tumblr, to get a network of people involved in their music. Through their connections they managed to get on the cover of Billboard Magazine as the future of the music industry without having a record for sale or ever being on charts. Their network and tools transformed the institution.

As Dash states, "you lead together a network by the tracks you make."