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A Power of Brand Keynote Presented by Kevin Lane Keller

 - Sep 19, 2012
In this power of brand keynote, Kevin Lane Keller discusses the importance of branding, the challenges and the new imperatives. Having worked with very successful brands such as Google, Nivea and Disney, Keller is a seasoned expert when it comes to branding.

Keller begins his speech by defining a strong brand as "a promise to customers and a means to set expectations and reduce risk." In a world with increasing uncertainties, brands have the potential to simplify things. As a result of this, each and every contact with the brand is crucial and affects how consumers will think and feel about it in the future.

Keller then notes that in today's business world, the power of the brand resides in the minds of consumers. The rapid technological developments that industries are witnessing, present a challenge for brands to maintain the same level of engagement. Consumers are now much more empowered than ever before, making it imperative that brands adapt.