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Robb Willer's Political Talk Discusses How to Engage with Morality

 - Jan 25, 2017
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In his political talk, Robb Willer discusses a glaring problem in the United States that has only worsened in recent history due to the contentious election period the country just faced.

In the speech, Willer focuses on the deep political divide that current exists in the country -- with values of Liberals and Conservatives becoming more insular and people who belong to these groups feeling increasing disdain for one another. He outlines research that concludes that in order to engage people with different beliefs, one must use their moral values as a basis for their persuasion. For example, in order for Liberals to persuade Conservatives they could utilize conservative values of patriotism, while Conservatives can use the liberal value of equality in order to engage their more rights-focused counterparts.

Willer ends his speech with a positive message, believing that Americans have the capacity to unite once again. The speech was given just two months before the country's most recent election and as of yet, his wish has yet to come true.