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Mark Forsyth Explains Etymology in this Political Speak Keynote

 - Oct 4, 2012
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With the outlining the historical importance of vocabulary and key words in politics, Mark Forsyth creates a sound argument in this political speak keynote.

Delving into both American and British examples that display the a seeming attempt by politicians to control language. This notion intrigues as debates and keynotes shape and define who comes into power through the art of persuasion. Mark Forsyth goes on with an example that outlined a debate that took place deicing what to call the leader of the USA. The chosen term was "president," which was, at the time, humbling. However, as the country evolved this word was given more perceived value with power.

In his closing statement Forsyth makes a valid point when he states that: "In fact, reality changes words far more than words can change reality." This ideal truly highlights the importance of institutional vocabulary in this political speak keynote.