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Pharrell Williams' Commencement Speech Emphasizes the Importance of Education

 - May 19, 2017
References: xxlmag & pitchfork
The Pharrell Williams commencement speech for this year's NYU graduating class talks about the importance of education, and that it is the graduates' responsibility to endorse it.

In his speech, the singer, songwriter and producer declares that despite what is seen in the media, it is the people who serve humanity, who don't often make the headlines, that make the world go on. He also discusses the importance of uplifting women, sharing that he believes that this generation, like none before it, are committed to treating men and women as equals. He then explains the importance of the graduates ending the cycle of anonymous activism, and says that they should let their actions serve as an endorsement for education, so they can watch the demand rise. Quality education that is accessible is becoming increasingly difficult to attain for many Americans, and Pharrell would like to see this NYU graduating class have an impact in changing this fact.

The Pharrell Williams commencement speech provided NYU graduates with an inspiring mission for when they embark upon the world, and reminds them to never stop being a student.