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This Peter Diamandis Keynote Talks About the Growing Empowerment of People

 - May 6, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In the midst of all the anxieties and concerns regarding modern day crises, including species extinction, pollution and weather change, this Peter Diamandis keynote reveals that the future holds tremendous possibilities for developing solutions and technologies that will improve the quality of life.

The founder and chair of X Prize Foundation argues that the news is what makes society pessimistic. People tend to focus on negative facts and overlook the massive amount of progress that has occurred in various areas of life. The human lifespan has doubled, income per capita has tripled and childhood mortality has decreased tenfold.

Technologies and the rate at which new technology is being developed continues to increase. People are using technology to turn what was once scarce into something abundant. Ending his keynote, Diamandis mentions that through technology, more people are able to have their voices heard in order to help find modern solutions to present day predicaments.