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Rupal Patel Promotes Voice Tech in Her Personalized Speech Talk

 - Feb 18, 2014
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Rupal Patel Discusses innovation in synthetic voice technology in her personalized speech talk. Patel, a speech scientist, demonstrates the limitations of current voice tech devices, mainly the restrictions on the kinds of vices to pick from. She gives the example of Stephen Hawking, a British scholar, who’s synthesized voice is that of a standardized American male. She goes on to demonstrate that that same voice may be used for everyone from a small child to a young woman in need of synthetic voice tech.

In her personalized speech talk, Rupal Patel discusses her work and research into creating personalized voices tailored to the specific individual, so that they have a voice that is their own. This is an important innovation, because each person has a voice that is uniquely their own, and it shouldn’t be any different for those who have speaking difficulties and need technical assistance.