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Ji Lee Seeks Inspiration in this Personal Projects Keynote

 - Jul 27, 2012
References: pleaseenjoy & vimeo
Uninspired with his job in an ad agency, current Creative Director of Google Creative Lab Ji Lee explains in this Personal Projects Keynote how seeking creativity outside his job allowed for professional development. Lee explains how you cannot depend on others to make things happen, one must do it themselves. As his frustrations built with the formulaic and boring advertising, in 2002 Lee was took things into his own hands making the ad-spoofing Bubble Project across New York City. Unsure of who would respond, Lee's guerrilla art approach went viral.

Lee discusses how this personal project taught him that professional and personal projects compliment each other. Furthermore, Lee speaks to the fact that instead of creating a project for oneself by making it a collaborative effort allows it to have a deeper and more powerful effect because sharing is rewarding.