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Amber Rae Promotes Non-Linear Paths in this Personal Motivational Keynote

 - Jul 27, 2012
References: tumblr.heyamberrae & youtube
This personal motivational keynote by Amber Rae reflects on the ways in which brands and individuals can benefit from being different.

Amber is the creator of the Bold Academy, a company specializing in giving direction to those between the ages of 20-32. In this speech, Rae walks the audience through the ways in which she herself has gained from being unafraid to challenge the status quo, and how brands and others have as well. Using the prime example of Apple as a company clearly capable of setting itself apart, she presents a strong argument in favor of standing out. She herself defied everything she knew in terms of her career path, and though this deviance, built a life that is perfectly suited to her needs.

Entertaining, insightful and bound to inspire, this personal motivational keynote is a must-see.