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The keynotes by Jane Langton discuss the need for more discussion and education of physical intimacy...

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Jane Langton Discusses Self Pleasure in Her Personal Health Keynote

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: ajuicylife & youtube
Health educator Jane Langton discusses the social importance of self pleasure in her personal health keynote. She begins her talk by opening up about her own habits and explaining that by begin more open to discussion about intimacy, society can learn more about personal health and sensuality. Talking about intercourse, Langton argues, will make for better, stronger relationships and better intimacy.

Jane Langton’s personal health keynote brings up the important issue of the social fear of discussing intimacy and promoting education. Crippling fear of discussion between partners can often lead to equally awkward intercourse. Partners need to learn about each other's preferences and about intercourse and intimacy as a whole. Intimacy can take on may forms and meanings, and it is important for partners to learn what it means to them for a healthy relationship.