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Starlee Kine Discusses Chasing Ideas in This Persistence Keynote

 - Aug 15, 2012
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This American Life contributor and producer Starlee Kine discusses how to share ideas with the world in this persistence keynote. Cleverly using the analogy that an idea can be epitomized as the rambunctious Little Orphan Annie, Kine shares how she believes that all an idea needs is to find the right home out in the world.

Starting with her own experience working with This American Life, Kine shares what to do when you find something you feel that you belong to. First, you must become a groupie and a fan of it, but then most importantly a critic of it in order to understand what you do not like about it.

Kine believes that fear is a great motivator, and by signing up for things that you have no material for can create true deadlines forcing you to follow through with your ideas.