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Mary Anne Hobbs Speaks About Dedication in this Passion Keynote

 - Jul 26, 2012
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In this passion keynote, former BBC Radio 1 veteran Mary Anne Hobbs discusses how she achieved her dreams through dedication. Despite growing up in the backwaters of Lancashire with a lack of access to music, all Hobbs wanted was a job writing for the punk magazine Sound. At the age of 19, driven blindly by passion, Hobbs spent all her the time working towards getting the job. By taking a risk and being dedicated, Hobbs was able to complete her dreams and have an international fan base. Hobbs inspires the listener to, "charge at your dreams and never look back."

Provoked by a biography on one of her heroes, Steve Jobs, Hobbes discussed how Jobs would continually approach Apple employees with ideas that they did not think possible. These notions were termed Jobs' "reality distortion field." However, they proved that Jobs had great belief and passion in what could be achieved and what his team was capable of. This passion is what has given the world amazing innovations in computing. And, Hobbes believes that everyone should apply a reality distortion field to their lives, in order to achieve greatness.