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Khara Pilcanic's Overcoming Anxiety Keynote Emphasizes Positivity

 - Nov 9, 2012
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In this overcoming anxiety keynote, author and photographer Khara Pilcanic opens up about her lifelong struggle with OCD. She shares the lessons managing her OCD-related anxiety taught her about life and facing fears and obstacles.

As a child, she was extremely positive and enthusiastic and was convinced that anything in life was possible -- a mentality that eventually led to her obsessing about all the bad things that could happen to her in life. Just as the belief in positives can give someone confidence, it can also break you down and narrow one's focus to only look at the potential of bad things happening.

In order to avoid worrying about the negative or potential outcomes of a situation in life -- be it a job interview, a vacation or a first date -- it is important to widen one's perspective and evaluate the good that can happen as well.