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An Organization Culture Keynote Delivered by John Hammergren

 - Nov 5, 2012
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John Hammergren is one of American's highest paid CEOs and his organization culture keynote offers insight into why his company, McKesson Corporation, is at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

Hammergren explains how the use of technology to reinvent health care today is one of the corporation's most important focuses. To innovate, the corporation aims to converge technological development and improving patient health into one line of business. Hammergren believes that the culture in an organization plays an integral role during times of change and when trying to achieve goals.

The culture at McKesson is based on a variety of things including integrity (doing what's right for the patient), putting the customer first and working backwards from their needs and feedback, accountability and being able to admit failure.

John Hammergren's organization culture keynote offers an in-depth look at the role played by one of the most successful and wealthiest executives in America.