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Oprah Winfrey's Commencement Speech Emphasizes Being True to Yourself

 - May 18, 2017
References: instyle & youtube
The Oprah Winfrey commencement speech at Agnes Scott College in Georgia covers a range of topics, all of which come back to the importance of living a life of service.

Oprah is an internationally recognized individual, who's accomplishments have far outnumbered most others'. Using humor, her personal experiences and wisdom, and her inherent talent for connecting to audiences, she speaks of the three most important lessons she has learned in her life. The first of these includes treating others with compassion, and feeling their pain and joy as they would their own. The second is commitment, remaining committed to one's own "truth" is crucial to living a full life. The final important lesson she left the recent graduates with is being constructively engaged – learning with others and understanding that they bring different "truths" and contexts to the table – citing her experience with bringing a small group of Trump and Clinton supporters together to bond as evidence of the possibilities of constructive engagement.

Oprah's compelling speech speaks to the power of service, and how it can change the world and change you in the process. She leaves the audience of recent graduates with a piece of wisdom her late friend and mentor Maya Angelou once told her – your legacy is every single life you have touched.