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Open-Source Technology Keynote by Massimo Banzi

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: massimobanzi & youtube
In Massimo Banzi’s open source technology keynote, he discusses how open-sourcing an idea or product help create various inventions.

It’s the innate nature of most companies and organizations to withhold information from the public and the consumers about their products. By open-sourcing ‘Arduino,’ which is a computer component used to control electronic devices, people from around the world were able to create numerous devices, which was made possible by the open-sourced product. The collaboration of multiple ideas has helped foster a community of open-sourcing as Banzi states.

An open-source hardware is something that many companies often times dread over, but Banzi believes that a community based in sharing ideas will herald a new age in collaborative technology that will benefit people.