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An Open Scientific Community Keynote by Ellen Jorgensen

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: ellenjorgensen & youtu.be
Ellen Jorgensen's open scientific community keynote is presented in a casual way anyone can understand. Coincidentally, this is also her vision for scientific literacy.

Jorgensen believes that science is not something to be held onto by gatekeepers of knowledge, but instead should be opened up to include more end users. Her theory is that end users are valuable in scientific exploration because they ultimately know what their needs are.

She tells the story of a community bio lab that she opened in New York. The lab allowed interested citizens the opportunity to practice science in an open, friendly environment. She points to labs like this all over the world and supports the trend toward a more open scientific community. However, Jorgensen also explains the media backlash that often follows these kinds of initiatives.