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Noreena Hertz Discusses When One Should and Shouldn't Trust Experts

 - Dec 27, 2011
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Living in the 21st century means that we face many tremendously important decisions throughout our lives. Noreena Hertz states that we often battle our inner instinct against the views and opinions of experts. Individuals often delay decision-making, needing second opinions and recommendations from peers, family members and most of all, experts.

Our modern society’s addiction to expert opinion is often revealed in high-stake situations when decisions matter. People often believe that experts are smarter and wiser than they are. In an age that can at times be confusing, expert opinion offers reassurance. Hertz discusses the power of experts and their overwhelming authority over what we can and cannot do as a society.

The influencial economist sees this as a big problem with potentially dangerous consequences. While an addiction to expert opinion leads to certainty, we are ultimately substituting experts’ intellect for our own. We are ultimately feeding our insecurities and uncertainties with their perceived conviction and reassurance.

Noreena Hertz urges society to keep the decision-making part of our brains turned on. She stresses society’s need to be more open to opposing opinions, emphasizing that now is not the time to blindly follow, accept or trust anyone. Hertz urges the world to be involved and to keep their eyes and ears wide open.