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Lara Setrakian Looks at Fixing a Broken System in Her News Discussion

 - May 1, 2017
References: youtube
In her news discussion, Lara Setrakian delineates one of the biggest problems with the industry as it currently exists. While the news is fantastic at handling breaking stories, it is far worse at covering stories that take place over months or years — as many of the most important stories do. Setrakian herself worked as a journalist in Iraq and Afghanistan during the US wars there, and though those wars lasted for many years, the news flow that related to them was paltry, fractional percentage points of total news on the air throughout the conflicts.

Fixing the problem of the news industry thus requires discovering ways to sustain the most important stories in the news cycle. One of the ways to do so is to return to the reliance on beat reporting, i.e. specialist reporters who work for years on a single topic. Beat reporters were once the norm in media, but they have been waning, and thus deep knowledge of individual subjects has been virtually eliminated from the news.