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Zachary Cohn's Motivational Presentation Offers a Simple Solution

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: youtube
Zachary Cohn delivers a motivational presentation that offers a simple solution when it comes to solving problems. The highly skilled parkour enthusiast and consultant uses the sport as a metaphor when sharing his tips for better solving problems.

According to Cohn -- who taught himself how to parkour -- anything can be achieved if you break it down into smaller components and tackle them one by one. He uses this theory for his 'Business Model Canvas.' He has his clients break their problems or goals down into nine components -- everything from customer segments to distribution channels and value propositions -- and to put down any and all assumptions about what could happen.

He believes that businesses and individuals are too programmed when it comes to solving problems and seek out traditional solutions, which rarely, if ever, create long-term value.