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Stephen Fry Questions the Notion of One God in this Monotheism Speech

 - Jul 4, 2013
Actor, author and TV host Stephen Fry questions the idea of a single god in this monotheism speech. Fry is a well-known atheist, but rather than attacking the notion of religion, he focuses in on the monotheistic belief that one supernatural being could be responsible for all of life's wonders.

Fry expresses an understanding of religions that believes in numerous gods like the Greeks did. He believes that the Greeks had the right idea about religion, meaning that if Gods are responsible for everything, they must be cruel. While the world is filled with beauty and happiness, it's also filled with sickness and violence. In a world where flesh eating bacteria exists, the idea of a loving God creating everything seems unlikely.

Stephen Fry explains that atheists do see wonder and beauty in the world. Atheists are hungry for knowledge because they don't believe that life's mysteries can be explained through a supernatural creator.