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Nigel Waller’s Mobile Technology Advancement Keynote Encourages

 - Jun 8, 2012
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This mobile technology advancement keynote by Nigel Waller discusses the opportunity that exists in the mobile phone industry for increasing the earning potential of individuals earning less than two dollars per day. 

As the founder of Movirtu, Waller has spent a great deal of time researching the mobile persona management industry and he discusses the potential for economic growth that can be achieved through the use of cell phones in his presentation.

He explains that there are 1 Billion people in the developing world who share a cell phone with a friend or family member and that increasing the access to this technology will also increase individual earning potential from one dollar or two dollars a day to five dollars a day. 

Enabling mobile devices to operate in the same cloud that other digital devices do, he argues, will allow low-income individuals to have their own phone number and their own personal mobile identity.