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Milton Garces Explores the Ever-Changing Melody of the Earth

 - Jan 1, 2012
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Infrasound expert Milton Garces explores earth's sounds including noises made by tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural environmental occurrences. These sounds are low in frequency and are below the human level of hearing. Garces shares some of his recordings of storms, earthquakes and tsunamis, presenting the vibration and humming coming from our planet's core. The sound expert states that there is sound you can feel and sound you can hear. We have a relationship with the visceral sensation of infrasound that includes bass and tempo. This sensation associated with sound has an effect on how we feel and react.

An example recording of the JAWS film theme emphasizes our familiarity with sounds and what we associate them with. Our earth vibrates and its sound is compared to the sound inside a mother's womb. Milton Garces uses basic elements like wind and fire and uses volcanos as an example of harmonic sound. The world moves in ways we never thought possible. This keynote speech by Milton Garces encourages us to not only see our wold but to also hear it.