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Jared Kleinert's Millennials Talk is on Achieving Exponential Success

 - Apr 1, 2016
References: youtu.be
In his millennials talk, Jared Kleinert explains why young people have never had so much power and potential to change the world. The 19 year old speaker shares lessons learned from other millennials who are breaking down barriers and making a positive impact. The commonalities are things older generations can learn from to achieve exponential and expedited success. These strategies are harnessing the power of an interconnected world, having an entrepreneurial mindset and collaborating at a mass scale.

The millennials talk discusses collaboration being an important element in success, especially when it is used to solve big problems. The millennial generation is unlike others because they are less concerned with outdoing the competition and more interested in connecting with like-minded peers. This enables them to solve problems faster, together.

Acting entrepreneurially on ideas is not necessarily about starting or owning a business, but is actually a mindset to solve big problems without relying on traditional methods or institutions.