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Michael Gelb Discusses the Iconic Figures in History and Female Power

 - Mar 31, 2012
References: vimeo & michaelgelb
Michael Gelb is man of many talents, which he sharply channels into his business consulting genius. Gelb confronts uprising of woman’s status in the world, particularly the business world. He argues that Leonardo Da Vinci has acted as a prophet to the ascending contributions of women’s genius. He also attributes Queen Elizabeth as an icon for modern women, and the capacity for ruling and leading.

Gelb shares a quote by Richard Tarnas, which illustrates the modern standing of gender in the professional world as "a sacred marriage between the long-dominant but now alienated masculine and the suppressed but now ascending feminine." Modern professional practices are in the midst of equal representation. The balance of the opposites is only beginning to thrive, as the glass ceiling is slowly being chipped away.