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Michael Brooks Discusses the Illogical Side of Logical Thinkers

 - Feb 10, 2012
References: michaelbrooks.org & youtube
Micheal Brooks is a provocative public thinker, author and journalist. Referencing his novel 'Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science,' Brooks discusses the illogical side of logical thinkers. There is a generational meme that science is dull. Youth hold a widely accepted notion that science is beyond them and that past generations have already come to conclusions on important issues. Brooks explores the rough side of science, giving it a more human edge. His aim is to de-sterilize the image of the science community.

Brooks exposes the intense dependency of science on human creativity and human folly. Through history, iconic scientists have had an anti-authoritarian, rebellious streak. In considering teenagers' appreciation and interest in science, it should seem that the provocative nature of the field would entice youth. The radicalism of invention and discovery match up with those of anarchist ideologies.