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Hamish Hawthorn's Mentoring Presentation Describes the Value of Mentors

 - Oct 23, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his mentoring presentation, Australia native Hamish Hawthorn emphasizes the value of mentorship. Trust is at the core of a strong mentor relationship. Having a mentor is especially important for entrepreneurs with start-up companies. Mentors provide not just knowledge, but also context, which results in the confidence to move forward. In the digital age it is easy to access information and knowledge, but it is the context and application of that knowledge that a mentor can provide.

Time is also required in a mentorship relationship, as it takes time to build trust. There should be an investment on both ends, in terms of time. Alignment is also paramount. For those looking to gain a mentor, Hawthorn explains in his mentoring presentation that peer groups are the best resource. It all begins with asking a question.

On the other hand, mentors should not be involved for the incentives. They differ from coaches because they offer support, not training. The speaker believes successful entrepreneurs 'pay it forward' and prevent others from making mistakes.