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Tereza Nemessanyi’s Media Presence Speech Shows Why Attendance is Vita

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: youtu.be
Tereza Nemessanyi’s media presence speech documents her climb from suburban mother and wife to an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Following the sudden deaths of both her parents, Nemessanyi felt that she needed a professional change. Wanting to break into the web market, she began attending events, only to be discouraged by her invisibility and irrelevance in this new scene. Nemessanyi persevered, challenging herself to attend at least 100 events that interested her. Her persistence paid off as she began to familiarize herself, make connections and learn an entirely new language.

When she delved into the online world, she found that a dialogue was forming there as well. However, she noticed that women were vastly underrepresented, failing to contribute to the discussion. In an effort to remedy this, Nemessanyi again challenged herself to make 1,000 online comments, which cultivated a loyal following that translated into her real-life presence.

In terms of advice, Nemessanyi urges people to "just show up," noting that attendance is half the equation for success. Indeed, if she hadn’t ventured into unmarked territory, she wouldn’t have found the tribe of supportive people that helped elevate her. Her other advice encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to be bold, aim high, and curate an online presence.