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Garry Kasparov's Machine Intelligence Discussion Looks at Deep Blue and AI

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: youtube & talksat.withgoogle
As one would expect, Garry Kasparov's machine intelligence discussion takes a deep look at the former world champion's bout with IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer. The match marked a seminal moment both in the history of chess and in the history of artificial intelligence, and it will be forever tied to Kasparov's legacy. In fact, during the discussion, Kasparov looks at how he sees AI developing and impacting the world at large, even outside the area of his expertise.

Though today a desktop computer easily packs enough processing power to defeat the greatest human chess players, Deep Blue's victory over Kasparov in 1997 was a pivotal moment. Never before had a computer been able to best a human in a substantial game of intellect, and the moment was perhaps even more noteworthy than later, more impressive AI feats (such as IBM's Watson routing Ken Jennings and other Jeopardy! aces in 2010.)

By way of a moral, Kasparov encourages people to embrace the intelligent, whether human or machine.