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Luca Turin Discusses the Chemical Makeup of Fragrances

 - Feb 3, 2012
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Luca Turin, biophysicist and author of 'Perfumes: The Guide' examines the molecular makeup and the artful execution of a scent.

Employing an immense sense of precision and intricate combinations, Turin explains how our favorite scents are actually complex chemical concoctions. The scientist and scent expert explains the two theories of odor, examining both the molecular shape and molecular vibrations of scent.

While molecular shapes bind in certain parts, they also give out a variety of frequencies and vibrations. He explores a variety of molecular shapes of scent pairings, examining how a scent comes to life and looks at the varying frequencies of a multitude of different odors.

This fascinating talk looks at odor and fragrance in a new and enlightening way, providing the scientific explanations needed to create winning scents.