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Lifestyle Trend Keynote Speaker Shelby Walsh on Shifting Consumer Needs

 - Feb 9, 2019
References: futurefestival
Consumer behaviors are evolving rapidly, and lifestyle trend keynote speaker Shelby Walsh is the perfect person to get you caught up to speed. In her exploration of today’s most noteworthy lifestyle trends, Walsh dives in to major shifts in the domains of mind, body, and social circles that are impacting seemingly every industry today.

In this preview clip, Trend Hunter Futurist Walsh discusses the increasing popularity of educational travel. Consumers are no longer content with simply unwinding on the beach, and have been favoring hands-on, engaging vacations that allow them to experience new places and cultures first-hand. This growing interest in authentic, narrative-driven experiences can be applied beyond just the hospitality and tourism industries, providing a powerful opportunity for brands in any field.

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