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This Lessons From Steve Jobs Keynote by Dan Lyons Engages

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: realdanlyons & youtu.be
In this lessons from Steve Jobs keynote, journalist Dan Lyons breaks down Apple's success. Apple's success did not happen over night, it was a process that evolved over 35 years. Lyons believes that a lot of what the company did was common sense.

The first major lesson to be borrowed from Steve Jobs is to know who you are and what is you're doing in business. Without knowing what it is you're doing and why you're doing it, a cohesive strategy cannot form. Jobs created a quadrant to represent the four products Apple would exclusively focus on -- a consumer laptop, a professional laptop, a consumer desktop and a professional desktop. He decided to kill every other project; the only way to start over was to stabilize with four products that would do really well.

The next most important lessons from Steve Jobs are simplicity and ruthlessness. Simplicity was always the core of Apple, through the whole company. Apple will make $15 billion this year by selling only 12 products. This simplicity, however, emerges over from ruthlessness. Jobs believed in admitting defeat quickly and immediately moving onto the next idea.

This lessons from Steve Jobs keynote provides insight into the iconic innovator's mind and success from an entirely new perspective.