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The Hannah Fry talk on love discusses the mathematics of romance and offers top tips. The...

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The Lecture on Love by Hannah Fry Discusses Mathematical Correlations

 - Mar 2, 2015
References: youtu.be
In her lecture on love, Hannah Fry offers her top three mathematically verifiable tips for romance.

The first top tip explains how to win at online dating. Research performed by dating website OkCupid showed how attractive you are doesn't dictate how popular or successful you are in terms of the number of messages you receive. Having people think you're ugly can work to your advantage. So instead of minimizing what you think others will find unattractive, you should play up what makes you different.

The second tip mentioned in the lecture on love is how to pick the perfect partner. How to convert success into long-term happiness and knowing the right time to settle down can be figured out with the Optimal Stopping Theory. This suggests you should reject everyone you date in first 37% of time spent dating, and marry the next person who is better than everyone else so far.

The third and final tip is on how to avoid divorce. The speaker relays the findings of a study, which identified how positive or negative people are in conversation as a determining factor.