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This Kurt Andersen Keynote Speech Disapproves of Impulsive Action

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: youtube
This Kurt Andersen keynote speech explores the possibilities that exist for re-establishing America as a dominant and economically viable player in the global sphere.

As an author and host of the radio program Studio 360, the speaker has an insatiable curiosity and suggests that taking a step forward means taking a step back, by remembering the foundations and events that were monumental to America's rise. He claims that a lack of forward thinking and proactive measures both in political and economical ventures combined with embracing a model of instant gratification has been extremely detrimental to America.

The immediacy which has become prevalent in society today, fueled largely by advances in instantaneous communication and purchasing power, have created an impulsive way of thinking. This needs to be rectified and shifted to long-term planning to ensure the growth and sustainability of the country's economical, social and political success.