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Losang Samten's Kindness Talk Encourages a Positive Outlook

 - Jan 5, 2015
References: youtube
Losang Samten is a celebrated Buddhist monk and scholar and his kindness talk shares several positive attributes everyone should aspire to cultivate more of as we enter a new year. Fostering traits such as patience, mindfulness and kindness is a great way to ensure you receive as much joy from your life as possible.

Samten begins his talk by reminding the viewer that we all already have the seeds mindfulness, kindness and patience inside us that we can continue to nurture and grow. Regardless if we believe in a higher form or spirituality or not, enjoying peace of mind is a priority to many. Some tips Samten shares for bringing more positive vibes into your livelihood include being kind to yourself first and foremost as well as to others and accepting that life isn't perfect. "We all have room to grow," Samten says, "[and] we all have the seeds of beautiful kindness and patience."