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Angel Hsu's Keynote on Climate Change Outlines China's Contributions

 - Sep 5, 2018
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Angel Hsu is a professor and an environmental data scientist who delivers a keynote on climate change that speaks of China's contributions, downfalls, and uncertainties. The TED talk begins with the population's 'awakening' to the dangers of air pollution. As the reality of PM2.5— referring to fine particulate air pollution, awakened the public who, in turn, demanded the government to take appropriate measures, the Chinese environmental revolution began. One of the major catalysts for this essential realization was a 2015 documentary by a former CCTV reporter Chai Jing. Entitled 'Under the Dome,' the film was able to "stamp into the popular consciousness that air pollution was leading to one million premature deaths every year in China alone."

The keynote on climate change specifies the actions taken by the government to ensure that the demand for better air quality is actively met. Taking into consideration the vast economic growth of China, the ground-breaking developments in technology, the sizable workforce, among other things, the country is able to make immense strides in the sector for sustainability. The Chinese government limited its use of coal and began investing in clean and renewable energy, with an especially successful implementation of solar panels. To give a sense of the scale of these changes, China is currently "on track to generate Germany's entire electricity consumption from just wind and solar power alone" by 2020.

However, Angel Hsu looks at both sides of the coin. During her keynote on climate change, the speaker highlights that the country's stance on issues of ecology is largely unpredictable. For example, China's fossil fuel consumption is on the rise and according to projections, the global emissions may, once again, be on the rise.

Angel Hsu strongly communicates how important of a player the eastern country is when it comes to climate change and the growth of sustainable infrastructures — not only within the perimeters of the country but also globally. China has the potential to inform, guide and aid others toward a more sustainable future but one needs to liberalize the uncertainties first.