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Turning Failure into Innovation is Explored in This Kevin Dunbar Keynote

 - May 10, 2012
References: utsc.utoronto & youtube
In a compelling Kevin Dunbar keynote about the importance of taking risks and embracing failure, the professor of psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough describes how some of the most important discoveries came about unexpectedly.

Society has become increasingly more accepting of the importance of using mistakes and accidents as building blocks for learning and improvement, the speaker dictates. By researching the habits of several molecular biology labs, the speaker analyzed the habits of scientists that eventually achieved positive results and made new discoveries. He found that those who had made effective use of the testing that had not turned out according to plan were the most prone to make new discoveries.

He cites that nearly half of all experiments tend to fail the first time out and that the most innovative and successful scientists use these unexpected results to promote new ways of thinking and see things from a new perspective.