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Jones Loflin Discusses Better Self-Management

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: jonesloflin & youtube
Jones Loflin is a highly energetic speaker and sought-after consultant. He challenges the audience to reflect upon their lives. He pushes the audience to consider their work and life balance. In better satisfying all areas of life, work habits will become more focused and efficient.

Loflin compares life to a circus, with three evident rings to be managed. When one ring is neglected, the others will eventually suffer. He urges the audience to gain balance between self, work and relationship priorities. These three areas of life are interconnected, and weigh heavily on each other. If relationships are suffering, your focus in work will diminish. While these are important, taking care of yourself is hugely important. The ‘self’ ring must be prioritized to benefit both work and relationships.