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Jones Loflin Discusses Finding Inspiring Reasons to Reach G

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: jonesloflin & youtube
Jones Loflin is an author, consultant and highly sought after public speaker. His clients have included major companies such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Bridgestone, US Airways, Siemens International, Federal Express and The US Navy. He received the Distinguished Service Award by the Charlotte Jaycees for his highly effective speeches. He was the representative speaker and program leader for the ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ book and initiative. He has also authored the book ‘Getting the Blue Ribbon’ and co-authored ‘Juggling Elephants.’ Jones now stands as the President of Helping Others Prepare for Excellence, a training and development company.

Jones Loflin shares a personal anecdote on finding reasons to change. Wanting to change is stand-still and useless. He argues that you must find inspiring reasons to change, and seek out the benefits of these reasons. He shared his story, explaining that running with his daughter gave hime more energy and time to spend with her.