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Jason Clay Explains Why Global Sustainability Relies on Big Brands

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
Jason Clay serves as the vice-president for the WWF and dedicates his career to creating a world in which we produce more with less. In this speech, he focuses on the future of global sustainability and the role large brands will play in this challenge. According to Clay, the global markets ceased to operate in a sustainable manner as early as 1993. As population and consumption rates continue to increase, governments, brands and corporations must work together for the world's populations to survive.

Jason Clay proposes that the path to sustainability lies in convincing some of the 300 to 500 of the world's largest and most powerful brands to adopt green practices. Jason Clay maintains that even if only 100 of these large name brands changed the way they manufactured their products, the rest of the world could rely on a sustainable future.