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James Currier Illustrates a New Revolution That Aims to Change Online Experience

 - Feb 2, 2012
References: crunchbase & youtu.be
James Currier, chairman of Medpedia Illustrates an informative list of facts, describing the concept of virtual currency. The explains how this new revolution aims to change individuals' online experiences.

The bold idea allows online users to have a financial experience in a game or website, with the ability to make up currencies to buy viable resources inside the virtual world, in games and on sites.

This new concept takes what is happening in the real world and mimics it using software that makes virtual currency available to internet users. While everyone is currently focused on money earned from advertising, this new virtual currency model aims to generate more revenue with a business model that is more valuable to internet users as well as developers.

While ads lessen user experience, virtual currency aims to evolve and improve it.