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Jeff Jarvis's Internet Publicness Speech Talks the Ethics of Privacy

 - Sep 30, 2013
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This Internet publicness speech given by Jeff Jarvis discusses the ethics of an ungoverned realm and rules around privacy as it relates to business. Jarvis speaks at length to the value of transparency on the net, and how it is necessary to be open about what information is being gathered, while also protecting it. In the spirit of being open, it's also paramount users can access their own information so they can take ownership and alter it if needed. He cites Amazon purchase recommendations as the perfect example of this.

Transparency is key when it comes to the relationships companies have when accessing the personal information of costumers. Transparency enables trust and it also enables wisdom of the crowd, as evidenced by Wikipedia. The result of shared knowledge is collaboration, which is of the utmost importance in the online community.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Internet publicness speech is also related to governments who must be more transparent and never refuse anyone the right to connect.