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Kate Stone is the founder of a company called Novalia, an interactive paper printing company, which...

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Kate Stone’s Interactive Paper Keynote Mixes Paper & Tech

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: novalia & youtu.be
Kate Stone discusses intriguing new technology in this interactive paper keynote. Stone explains to viewers how she came up with this interesting idea and demonstrates the kind of work she’s been creating.

In this technology focused keynote, Stone shows her viewers a poster with a drum kit printed on it. She explains that the poster is synced up to her smartphone and then proceeds to tap the poster, producing music. She’s turned this piece of paper into an interactive musical device. To do this, Stone prints using touch-sensitive ink. Stone also uses printed turn tables to show the audience what can be done when one blends touch-sensitive ink with technology.

Stone explains that she just wants to create interactive tools that allow people to have fun and enjoy themselves.