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This Inspiring Keynote by Chelsea Prescod Talks Taking Action

 - Apr 21, 2013
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This inspiring keynote by Chelsea Prescod discusses how people should strive towards utilizing their talents and passions instead of keeping them constrained and hidden away.

Prescod explains how oftentimes there are situations when individuals accept jobs or positions that limit their capabilities and potential, and that subsequently causes them to become lost and insecure. Prescod describes her own journey of realizing that she didn't want to live her life inside a box, and recognized the fact that she had to switch from complaining about her troubles to actually doing something about it.

Prescod created a vision board that encompassed all her hopes and dreams, made a CD of positive and uplifting songs, became more grateful about things she did have and finally realized that she needed help. This inspiring keynote serves to express that the choices and decisions you make today, will subsequently affect your future.