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Erik Wahl's Innovative Creativity Keynote Explores How to Embrace Talent

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: theartofvision & youtube
Artist and visionary Erik Wahl's innovative creativity keynote explains how brand managers and company workers can unleash their intrinsic talents and creativity by embracing childlike innocence. This idea is designed to help build a company that is rooted in imaginativeness.

Wahl uses the metaphor of painting to explain how companies can tap into new methods of unleashing creative potential. A big part of a brand's success is in its ability to stay creative and keep new ideas flowing. It is in being creative that brands can stay ahead of its competitors and come up with products, marketing tactics and strategies that are new, fresh and supercharged. Some strategies Wahl suggests for brands to stay innovative is to make time for creativity to unleash bold, unconventional and eccentric ideas by doing things like having board brainstorming meetings where everyone writes using colorful Crayola crayons.