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This Innovative Art Keynote by Thelma Golden Explores Cultural Impacts

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: youtube
This innovative art keynote by Thelma Golden discusses how art can be a source of inspiration and innovation for change within communities.

Golden expresses how we often repeat certain words or names of people in order to make sense of them, and the difference between "in" and "of" somewhere is what she terms "The Preposition Problematic." Golden states that it does matter what we say and the questions we ask, and art forms are a wonderful medium in which those questions can be answered. Showcasing examples of photographs taken within Harlem, Golden showcases that we can answer the preposition problematic by saying that yes these photographs showcase that we are "in" Harlem, but it also suggests that we are "of" Harlem as well.

Golden's inspiring keynote demonstrates that art not only holds visual appeal, but it can also provide answers we're looking for in society.