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Innovation Tactics Keynote Speaker Jonathon Brown on Idea Adoption Paths

 - Feb 8, 2019
References: futurefestival
According to innovation tactics keynote speaker Jonathon Brown, having a great idea is no longer enough. It’s easy to fall prey to the assumption that if we come up with a good enough idea, gaining traction will be effortless. After all, who wouldn’t buy into something truly groundbreaking? This line of thinking might make sense on paper, but in reality, achieving organizational buy-in for innovative ideas tends to be much more of an uphill battle.

In his presentation on the future of innovation, Trend Hunter Futurist Brown explores how we can transform our big ideas into something that really sticks. In the years since he joined Trend Hunter, Brown has interviewed roughly 1,000 business leaders to learn not only how they find new ideas, but how they sell those ideas within their businesses. Through these interviews, Brown unearthed a series of powerful pathways to idea adoption and quickly became a sought-after innovation tactics keynote speaker.

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