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Ryan Gravel's Infrastructure Talk Looks at a Project in Atlanta

 - Dec 28, 2016
References: ted & youtube
After taking a trip to Paris during his college exchange program, Ryan Gravel found that the infrastructure there was more beautiful, healthy, and social than in his hometown of Atlanta; his infrastructure talk is about how that experience gave him an idea for fixing the ATL. The city is looped by an old railway that is no longer in use, and Gravel's eventual graduate thesis involved revitalizing that space for modern infrastructure.

The plan was to turn the railway into a public green space that would encircle the entire core of the city. The original railroad, which is 22 miles long, would essentially be rebuilt to make it accessible for people at several points throughout the city. The plan turned out to have tremendous traction, and Gravel found that community advocates and city planners and councillors alike were enthusiastic to get behind it. The result is called the Atlanta BeltLine, and it is publicly accessible today.