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The Neil Harbisson 'I Listen to Color' Keynote Discusses His Electronic Eye Device

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: harbisson & youtube
Neil Harbisson’s 'I listen to color' keynote describes his rare visual condition that has made him completely color blind. Since he was 21, he has worn an electronic eye device that is secured to his head, which has revolutionized his grayscale world.

Neil Harbisson can hear the colors in front of him through bone conduction, and since he began wearing this device, he now dreams in color and feels like a cyborg. This device has become an extension of his brain, and it has changed the way he dresses, eats and perceives beauty.

Neil Harbisson creates art that shows a new relationship between color, sound and humans. Through his electronic eye, Neil can perceive more colors than humans can; he has since started the Cyborg Foundation. This foundation motivates people to refine their senses through technology and urges audiences to become cyborgs in their own way.